New Program: Jazz & Beyond!

– With Sabina Fielding-Smith Jazz and Beyond is your weekly serving of modern jazz with a bit of a twist. I’ll be playing jazz of all kinds from the 1940’s through to contemporary tracks with special selections brackets slotted into


Programming Changes

Wednesdays 12 – 2pm Midday Jazz presenter David Stevens will be out of action with a knee operation from 30th September – 4th November.  New York Jazz will be filling in this time. Wednesdays 6 – 7pm Rhonnie & Mr

youth jukebox 2

Mental Health Week on Youth Jukebox

Youth Jukebox is raising awareness throughout Mental Health Week, from the 5th to 11th of October. With special guests on from Monday to Friday, we’ll be chatting about issues affecting young people with experts from Beyond Blue, Headspace, Black Dog

Album of the Week

Holy Holy  - When the 
Storms Would Come

Holy Holy – When The Storms Would Come

The debut from Holy Holy has been receiving praise; and deservingly so, as the duo, Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson (Dawson previously of Dukes of Windsor) release When the Storms Would Come. Between them they hold a substantial musical pedigree,

volky shine on

Volky – Shine on

simple music, stripped back and with no nonsense; that’s what Volky, who are Volky Kozak and Freduado Lombardi, bring with their latest release Shine on. listening to shine on reveals a band who sound as if they have already discovered

plastic  - nightmare

Plastic – nightmares

the ep Nightmares by Plastic, an outfit of talented young artists, is the feature record this week on 2rrr 88.5fm. The four tracks on Nightmares feature impeccable dreamy production for this enveloping wall of sound. The songwriting from APRA Silver

Featured Programs


Country Roads

Sunday 4th October 8 – 9am Country Roads The Country Roads Program winds its’ way back into town this Sunday with Ronnieboy ridin’ high in the saddle. This week I will be having a chat to Texan band  “The Lonesome Heroes” prior to their


Jazz & Beyond

Friday 2nd October 12 – 2pm Jazz & Beyond In this week’s program the Limelight focuses on a well-known jazz artist ‘ who did it his way’ and in Retrospective, this singer was the darling of the airwaves but also


Pop Heads Hour of Power

Friday 2nd October POP HEADS HOUR OF POWER The Best of the Vinyl Years – THIS WEEK – 60s SOUL SENSATIONS – THE WOMEN –



Blues Album of the Month – Robert Cray “4 Nights of 40 Years Live”

The iconic sound of master bluesman Robert Cray celebrates 40 years of performing with an exclusive live release –  ‘4 Nights of 40 Years Live’. The double album captures live recordings over four nights from four venues in LA including

Lloyd Spiegel Double Live Set 2015

Blues Album of the Month – Lloyd Spiegel “Double Live Set”

Lloyd Spiegel really needs no introduction to Australian blues fans with eight albums, a host of awards including six Victorian Blues Awards (dating back from 2004-2010) and one Australian Blues ‘Chain’ Music Award, his live performances have heralded a brilliant


Blues Album of the Month – Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters “Father’s Day”

There is no question that when one hears the sounds of the incredible guitar virtuoso Ronnie Earl and his amazing band The Broadcasters, you really sit up and take notice of where true genius is. From original songs to paying